Health is at the heart of our story.

We have spent two decades producing stories and campaigns for some of the finest consumer brands in the world, and helping to found streaming health content companies used by millions of learners around the world. Now, we're turning our lenses toward the future of health and healthcare.
HealthTales is a Minneapolis-based global network of directors, cinematographers, animators, and strategic storytellers who partner with leading health, wellness, and healthcare companies to tell the stories that will define their business and brand.
HealthTales is a Collaborative Venture From

The Company We Keep

Our Leaders

Joseph Kuefler
Principal Creative Director, Partner
Joel Weber
Principal Cinematographer, Partner
Dominic Howes
Principal Director & Producer, Partner

Our Values

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Speed to Screen
To compete in a world defined by its breathless pace, your stories need to be told—and seen—quickly. We will guide you from idea to finished production with speed.
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Courageous Imagination
We're not scared off by the regulations and  complexities of healthcare. Not one bit. We approach every project with a bold creativity that helps you turn the untellable into the unforgettable.
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Humble Excellence
Great work doesn't require a great ego. We believe in pushing ourselves, our stories, and our partnerships, while nurturing a joyful and collaborative spirit.
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Beautiful Diversity
The stories you tell should be as colorful and unique as the members you serve. From concepts, to casting, to crews we hire, we'll make you a multi-colored reflection of our modern world.
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Health Intelligence
We are students of health. Our deep focus on healthcare means we can follow you into an topic, any condition, any corner of this industry with competence and confidence.