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We were presented with an exciting opportunity to help mPulse Mobile and Optum Health create inspiring stories that encourage physical activity in innovative ways. Our documentary series complemented the comprehensive educational course we produced, empowering members of Optum to take control of their health through diet and exercise.


After a design session with the mPulse team, we decided on a creative approach that would tell stories of people who’d achieved meaningful and positive life changes with exercise. Through our casting network, we found 4 people with diverse backgrounds, each with a unique approach to physical activity; bike racing, competitive fencing, ballroom dancing, and swimming.
We worked with each character to schedule time to capture an interview and exercise footage. Each shoot had its challenges but our small, flexible team was able to accommodate each unique location in way that helped our characters feel relaxed and at-ease with our production process.
In the shoot below, we rigged our camera to a bike and followed our character as he circled the track at over 25 mph. It was definitely one our more challenging projects but a challenge we embrace.


mPulse Mobile
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